Sunny Saturday

Sorry. Forgot to take pictures again. Saturday was a beautiful day with mild temps and almost no wind. Oh, congrats to the 49ers and their fans!

It's Friday!

Yay for the weekend! My relatively quite week got really hectic by the end, including a 3:45 meeting on a Friday afternoon. It's nice to have a couple of days to decompress.

Thursday Cocoa

Yay for non-dairy hot cocoa mix!! It's delish too!

Wednesday Awesome (1/11/12)

More work on the solar panels today. Concrete trucks and crane-things came while they were working on the supports for the system. It's going to be really cool when it's done!


Howza 'bout some hot stuff?

Today's awesome is brought to you by Pandora. I created my own 70s disco (which, I suppose, is a redundant term) channel today. It even played YMCA!

Monday awesomeness

The solar panel installation continues. This is at school, not my house.


Sunday Awesome

After being away for three days and not being able to cook, I kind of went berserk today. Nice stir-fry with homemade baked tofu for lunch. For dinner I created a spiced tomato cream sauce over penne with salad and a homemade low-fat creamy balsamic vinaigrette (by the way, spell check just taught me how to spell vinaigrette) and garlic bread. After dinner I wanted dessert so I created a super-quick crunchy chocolate peanut butter cluster. Yum! Sorry I forgot to take pictures. :(  Next time, I promise.